1. Shortly after purchasing an Admission Ticket through this Website, you will also receive an email and/or electronic message which will (among other things) provide you with a summary of your order details (including a confirmation of the total price paid).
  2. A contract for the sale of any Admission Ticket(s) you order from us is only created once we have received full payment for your order (via a payment gateway available on our Website) and once you receive the Receipt (either in electronic and/or physical form). Cancellations after confirmation of reservations are not possible.
  3. Once the Receipt from our Website is delivered to you (either in electronic and/or physical form), You should print any such correspondence and keep it in a safe place for future use as this will be requested by our team members when you check in at the Urban Valley Resort & Spa front desk.
  4. All orders are subject to availability and acceptance by us. Should we be unable to accept your order for any reason (including but not limited to restrictions), we will contact you directly (either via email or by phone) where more details will be provided.
  5. We reserve the right to refuse any order made for whatever reason.
  6. We are not legally bound by any factual or typographical errors on the Website or other promotional materials



  1. By placing an order through this Website, you warrant that you are eighteen years of age or older.
  2. Should you fail to bring your purchased Admission Ticket with you when visiting Urban Valley Resort & Spa we cannot guarantee that you will be allowed entry to the same.
  3. Urban Valley Resort & Spa’s pool operational hours are displayed on our Website and at the Venue itself. Users should check for such opening hours before visiting Urban Valley Resort & Spa.



  1. The price of the Admission Tickets available for purchase from this Website shall be shown on the Website.
  2. Prices are subject to change without prior notice but any such changes will not affect orders which have already been placed by you.
  3. Unless otherwise indicated, prices include VAT.
  4. The full price you have paid is displayed on your Receipt and is for those specific Services as appearing on the Website at the time of placing your order (and as confirmed in the email and/or electronic message mentioned in your Receipt).
  5. Payment shall be made by you by the means specified on the Website or other means as may be indicated by us and shall not be deemed to be made until we have received cleared funds in respect of the full amount due.
  6. At present, payment for all Admission Tickets purchased from this Website shall be exclusively by Debit / Credit Card.
  7. Urban Valley Resort & Spa uses the Trust Payments Gateway. All personal details are encrypted and no credit card details are stored by Urban Valley Resort & Spa. While we have endeavored to make payment as secure as possible, the user understands that some risks may still exist and that any loss of personal data cannot result in liability to Urban Valley Resort & Spa.



  1. Although we strive to take all reasonable precautions to guarantee your safety and enjoyment whilst visiting the Urban Valley Resort & Spa, you recognize and understand that visiting the Urban Valley Resort & Spa may involve certain risks. Those risks include but are not limited to personal injury and damage to property that may be sustained by any individuals visiting Urban Valley Resort & Spa, including but not limited to personal injury and/or property damages caused by other visitors (even unintentionally). Despite these and other risks, you hereby agree to hold Urban Valley Resort & Spa harmless for any such personal injury and/or damage that may arise during your visit at Urban Valley Resort & Spa.
  2. When visiting the Venue and/or making use of any of our Services, you hereby undertake that no damage of any kind shall be caused in and/or to the Urban Valley Resort & Spa by yourself or any other person(s) for whom you are legally responsible.



  1. Urban Valley Resort & Spa is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. If an item is lost, please report the missing item with one of our front desk team members. If the item is not recovered, you may leave relevant contact information.



Smoking is permitted only in areas authorised by appropriate signage.



  1. Food and beverages shall not, under any circumstances, be brought into Urban Valley Resort & spa.
  2. Food and beverages are available from Urban Valley Resort & Spa (only at specific and designated areas). Please note that additional costs may apply.



To make sure everyone’s visit is enjoyable, we ask everyone to adhere to the following guidelines during the visit:


  1. For the avoidance of all doubt, visitors will be held responsible for all acts of any person(s) for whom visitors are legally responsible;
  2. Children are not permitted to play on stairways or elevators and are expected to be respectful to others;
  3. Children may under no circumstances use the pool and/or showers unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  4. No running or yelling is allowed by the pool (where water may inevitably collect in certain areas)
  5. No food or drink is allowed outside designated eating areas;
  6. No inflatables, balls or toys of any kind are permitted in the pools.

Please follow all directions and instructions as may be provided by Urban Valley Resort & Spa team members or signage.

Failure to comply with the terms and conditions will result in admission being refused or denied, or in being expelled, without any refund. All visitors who are refused or denied admission or are expelled, are obliged to immediately leave the grounds.



1. Questions, comments or requests should be addressed to: info@urbanvalleyresort.com or by phoning us on (+356) 21385926.
2. If you have any formal complaints, these should be addressed in writing, to Urban Valley Resort & Spa, Triq Wied-Ghollieqa, Kappara, SGN4437.